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recessed manhole cover


Quick details

· Shape: Square

· Material: Ductile Iron GJS500-7

· Duty Class: EN124 B125

· Frame Style: Bottom Flange

· Gasket Material: Neoprene

· Lock Material: SS304

· Coating: Black Bitumen

· Standard: EN124-2015

· Surface Pattern: Customized

· Surface text: Customized

What and how we are recycling

Castking Cast Group casting processes require large volumes of sand, esp., Green Sand. The word “green” denotes the absence of any drying or baking phase which is continually used, reconditioned and reused. Sand shaken off from completed castings is recaptured and recycled in the process. More than 0.5 million tons of sand is re-used each year.

Sand that can no longer be used for creating quality iron castings does not have to end up in a landfill. Over 70% of the sand used for making castings is recycled every year. This ‘spent’ sand finds new life in applications from road and general construction, and agricultural use to and geotechnical fill. It adds up to over 400,000 tons! It keeps the sand out of landfills and reduces the need for mining new materials.

The sand used in the casting process could be the roadbed you drive on to get to one of the plants.

Quality Assurance

Foundry is equipped with in-house pattern development shop with VMC for quick turn around time for our valued clients.

Chemical and Metallurgy Lab :Spectrometer from Foundry Master, UTM, Hardness Testing Equipment

Sand Lab: Core Hardness Testers, Sand Testing Equipment and Green sand hardness tester, Sand Sieve, Sand Rammer, Sand Washer, Sand Splitter

We supply recessed manhole cover

Established in 1993, located in Changsha China, we devoted ourselves to casting industry for many years,has been exporting to Europe and Australia since 2001.

We are expecting become your long team partner, OEM & OED is welcomed.

MaterialDuctile cast iron, grey cast iron, steel
ProcessSand casting, Shell core casting
ApplicationSewer, Electronic, Sanitary, telecommunications, sewage, drainage, water, stormwater, fire protection & etc.
Casting Tolerance Min.0.1mm
Machining Tolerance Min.0.02mm
Surface TreatmentBlack Bitumen, Spraying Painting, galvanization,
Unit weight0.5kg~450kg
ApplicationSewer, Electronic, Sanitary, telecommunications, sewage, drainage, water, storm water, fire protection & etc.
Technical Supportexperienced design team
StandardEN124, AS3996, ISO, ASTM,JIS, ANSI, DIN, BS,
FeatureSingle Seal, Double Seal, Bolt Hinge, Removable Hinge, Lock Device, Spring Bar, Auto-locking Device, Safety-Design, Solid, Vent Cover, Lifting Key Hole, Rubber/PE Gasket, GRP Plate, Cut-Corner Design, single seal, double seal, hinge type, ventilated, watertight, airtight, and anti-theft & etc.