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Jinlong Foundry Supports the Special Action on Urban Manhole Cover Safety

Categories:Company News Author: Origin:Origin Time of issue:2023-05-03
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In order to implement the requirements of the Special Action Work Plan for Strengthening Manhole Cover Safety Management issued by 10 departments including the Hunan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Hunan Provincial People's Procuratorate, and the Hunan Provincial Public Security Department, and promote the work of manhole cover safety management in Hunan Province, the Hunan Provincial Urban Manhole Cover Safety Management Special Action On-site Promotion Meeting was held at the Changsha International Convention Center on May 5th. Yi Xiaolin, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and Yin Shibai, Deputy Chief Procurator of the Provincial People's Procuratorate, attended and spoke at the meeting, and Vice Mayor Liu Hui delivered a speech.At the meeting, Director Yi Xiaolin pointed out that manhole cover safety management concerns the safe and orderly operation of the city and the safety of people's production and life, which reflects the level of urban management and social governance. It is important to raise awareness and fully recognize the importance of strengthening manhole cover safety management. It is necessary to adopt multiple measures, strengthen organizational leadership, solidly promote the implementation of work, and ensure that the tasks of the Special Action on Manhole Cover Safety Management are completed on time.As a local manhole cover manufacturing and operation enterprise, Jinlong Foundry Technology Co., Ltd. appeared at this on-site promotion meeting and provided technical support for smart manhole cover installation and platform demonstration, allowing participating leaders to better understand the important value of smart manhole covers in empowering the construction of smart cities and how to promote the technological, intelligent, and digital development of manhole cover management.